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Change of unemployment fund to newly launched A-kassa

At the turn of the year, the Unemployment Fund of the Construction Sector will merge with the new Open Unemployment Fund A-kassa. In future, the Finnish Construction Trade Union will insure its members against unemployment with the Open Unemployment Fund.

The change does not require any action to be taken by members of the Unemployment Fund of the Construction Sector – your membership will be automatically transferred to the new A-kassa!

The Open Unemployment Fund A-kassa is a new unemployment fund with more than 190,000 members, formed by the Unemployment Fund of the Construction Sector, the Unemployment Fund of Finnish Industrial Workers and the Unemployment Fund Finka.

By combining resources, the new A-kassa can serve its members even better.

Read more on the A-kassa website
a-kassa.fi (as of 1 January 2022).
You can also access A-kassa’s own eService on the website.

A-kassa’s service number:
+358 20 690 455 (as of 3 January 2022)

You can also follow A-kassa on Facebook and Instagram.

Membership fee €25 per month

The Board of the Finnish Construction Trade Union decided in its October meeting that the union membership fee will be €25 per month in 2022. Our members have expressed a strong preference for a flat membership fee, which can be easily paid as an e-invoice. The fee can be paid once a month or, for example, six months at a time – or even as a single payment for the whole year.

Read more about the membership fee on the Union website at rakennusliitto.fi.

On the Baltic Sea in June

Our summer event will be arranged next June in the form of a summer day cruise. We will cruise on M/S Silja Europa from 11 to 12 June. Keep up with cruise news on the Union website, in Rakentaja magazine and on social media.

A peaceful and relaxing holiday season and joyous new year to all members of the Finnish Construction Trade Union!