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Membership fee EUR 25/month – FAQ

The membership fee of the Finnish Construction Trade Union in 2022 is EUR 25 per month, i.e. members no longer need to pay a certain percentage of their earned income or daily allowance. The membership fee includes the membership fee of the Open Unemployment Fund A-kassa. 

A-kassa will start operations on 1 January 2022. Members of the Unemployment Fund of the Construction Sector will become members of A-kassa. The change in unemployment fund does not require any action from members. 

Frequently asked questions 

Who can join the Finnish Construction Trade Union? 

If you work or study in construction, construction products, infrastructure, infrastructure services or building technology, you are warmly welcome to join us. 

I belong to another trade union. Can I join as a so-called old member and retain the benefits? 

Yes, you can join if you work in our sectors! If you have been a member of another union and your membership is in order, you will join the Construction Trade Union as an old member. The benefits are at your disposal and you will get help in case of problems. Legal aid can be obtained by a person who has transferred from another union as a so-called old member (membership more than 6 months in total) and whose membership fees are in order.

If you have been a member of an unemployment fund, your membership will be transferred to the Unemployment Fund of the Construction Sector / A-kassa at the same time as you join the Construction Trade Union. Your accumulated working weeks will be preserved. 

How can I join the union? 

The easiest way to join the Construction Trade Union is to fill in an electronic membership form. You can also request a paper form from a shop steward or text your name and address to 045 112 2982 to receive the form by post. 

What benefits does a member have? 

As a member, you will receive a wide range of benefits needed in everyday life: in working life (wages, shop stewards, legal aid), in unemployment (earnings-related unemployment security, career services) and in leisure time (leisure accident insurance, holiday benefits, discounts). 

Read more about membership benefits (in Finnish)

How can I pay the membership fee? 

There are three ways to pay the membership fee: invoice, eAsiointi (online service) and employer collection. 

Read more about paying the membership fee (in Finnish)

If I can’t be a member of the unemployment fund, what will my membership fee be? 

The membership fee for the union and the local branch in 2022 is EUR 17/month. Even if you are not a member of the unemployment fund, you have access to all the union’s services and benefits. 

I’m an entrepreneur, can I be a member of the union? 

Yes you can. The membership fee for self-employed persons in 2022 is EUR 17/month, in which case you belong to the union and the local branch.  

If you become an entrepreneur during membership, you can be a member of an unemployment fund for employees for a maximum of 18 months. During this time, your total membership fee is EUR 25/month. 

Are there any exemptions from membership fees?  

In 2022, you will be entitled to a membership fee exemption for the membership fee of the Construction Trade Union and the local branch if you are  

  • studying in secondary education 
  • performing military or non-military service 
  • on family leave. 

Similarly, you are exempt from membership fees if you participate in industrial action.  

When you retire, you are entitled to a four-year membership fee exemption if you have not yet reached free membership. 

The exemption applies only to membership fees for the union and the local branch, i.e. contact the membership service if you are a member of an unemployment fund. The membership fee of the unemployment fund will be EUR 8/month in 2022. 

I am under the age of 18 and studying at a vocational school, but I work in the summer. Will I accrue paid weeks qualifying for unemployment allowance? 

As of 1 August 2021, due to the change in unemployment security, the minimum age for earnings-related unemployment security rises to 18 years. When you finish your studies and find employment, let us know and we will change your student membership to that of the employed. This is worth doing. Remember that even during your studies you have extensive membership benefits! 

If I complete vocational retraining, for example with the support of a pension company, will I be exempted from membership fees? 

A member in vocational retraining is not entitled to exemption from the membership fee. However, you have all membership benefits and discounts at your disposal. 

If I fall ill or become unemployed, do I have to pay the membership fee? 

Yes, you must pay the membership fee. It’s a good idea to keep your membership in order, because then you’re eligible for all membership benefits. You may need help with social insurance (e.g. Kela, accident and pension companies) or want to use the union’s other services or benefits. 

What should I do if I take family leave, for example? 

Notify us via eAsiointi.  You can also submit the notification to the nearest Construction Trade Union service point or to the membership officer of your local branch. When you submit the notification, you will be exempted from membership fees for the union and local branch for this period. For instructions and more information, please contact our member service at: 020 690 231 (Mon–Fri 9–15). 

When will I get free membership? 

Members of local branches will gain free membership rights when retiring after being a member of a trade union for at least 30 years, the last 5 of which must be in one of the Finnish Construction Trade Union’s local branches.