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Welcome to the Finnish
Construction Trade Union!

We are the trade union for employees working in the construction sector in Finland.

The union defends the rights of employees and negotiates nationally binding collective agreements. These agreements establish enforceable minimum standards of pay and other conditions of employment that must be respected in the construction industry.

The Finnish Construction Trade Union is one of Finland’s most influential unions. Members enjoy a wide range of additional benefits, including special discounts on fuel and holiday accommodation, and may be granted free legal aid in the event of civil disputes with an employer. Members residing in Finland may also be eligible for earnings-related unemployment benefit.

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Most construction professionals employed in Finland belong to the Finnish Construction Trade Union. Union members include carpenters and other building construction workers, employees engaged in civil engineering projects, workers in the painting and decorating, flooring and asphalting trades, construction product industry employees, building technology professionals and waterproofers.Engl kansikuva

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The Finnish Construction Trade Union

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