The Finnish Construction Trade Union (Rakennusliitto)

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We are the trade union for employees working in the construction sector in Finland.

The union defends the rights of employees and negotiates nationally binding collective agreements. These agreements establish enforceable minimum standards of pay and other conditions of employment that must be respected in the construction industry.

The Finnish Construction Trade Union is one of Finland’s most influential unions. Members enjoy a wide range of additional benefits, including special discounts on fuel and holiday accommodation, and may be granted free legal aid in the event of civil disputes with an employer.

Members permanently living in Finland are entitled to claim earnings-related unemployment allowance. Members with a foreign background will be subject to an investigation to determine whether they are entitled to social security in Finland. They may be paid earnings-related unemployment allowance, provided that they meet the conditions concerning Finnish social security and can prove that they live in Finland permanently. The investigation involves verification of the member’s permanent address and living arrangements, and whether the member has family in Finland or in some other country. You can call the unemployment fund’s on-duty team on +358 20 690 230 to explain your situation.

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  • Serious grounds against the Orpo-Purra Government cuts 

    The cuts and losses of rights planned by the Orpo-Purra Government will fall particularly on the working population and on the most vulnerable in society.

  • Builders in Europe and Around the World – international seminar

    What is the situation of building workers in Europe and around the world? What is the role of unions and NGO:s? International seminar Wednesday May 11th.

  • Two-year collective agreements for the Finnish Construction Trade Union

    New collective agreements have now been signed for all the contract fields of the Finnish Construction Trade Union. The collective agreements’ general increases and table-based pay increases are 4% + 2%.

  • New collective agreements have been concluded

    New collective agreements have been concluded in all contract fields of the Finnish Construction Trade Union. Pay will be increased by 2% from the beginning of the payment period starting after 1 June 2022.

  • Membership fee EUR 25/month – FAQ

    The membership fee of the Finnish Construction Trade Union in 2022 is EUR 25 per month, i.e. members no longer need to pay a certain percentage of their earned income or daily allowance. The membership fee includes the membership fee of the Open Unemployment Fund A-kassa.

  • Change of unemployment fund to newly launched A-kassa

    The change does not require any action to be taken by members of the Unemployment Fund of the Construction Sector • Membership fee €25 per month • On the Baltic Sea in June