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Securing Mobility for Posted Workers Research

Tell researchers about your construction industry experiences working abroad in the European Union!  The University of Jyväskylä, backed by the European Commission, is conducting a study to help find ways to ensure that construction workers moving within the European Union have better economic security and access to social rights.  If you are now or have in the past been a “posted worker” (i.e. a worker who goes abroad with a company to perform a construction job in another EU member state), we would like to talk to you about your experiences. Whether your experience was positive and rewarding, or whether things went wrong, we want to find out how worker posting is affecting your life. Interviews are anonymous and last about 1 hour or as long as you are willing to talk. 

Participation and all of the answers you give are voluntary.  We will conduct the interviews in your preferred language, and in a Covid-19 safe manner at your convenience.

Please contact phone/text: researcher Quivine Ndomo 040 660 3265, or email: quivine.a.ndomo@jyu.fi.  

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