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Why are we on strike?

The collective agreement negotiations of the Finnish Construction Trade Union’s contract fields have not been successful. The employers continue to offer the raise defined by the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) that has been under public debate. Furthermore, the employers want the Finnish Construction Trade Union to accept retrospectively impairments in the agreement of competitiveness, removal of Sunday allowances and full liberalisation of temporary work.

When are we on strike?

The strike days in spring 2018 are:

  • Thursday 19 April
  • Friday 20 April
  • Monday 23 April
  • Tuesday 24 April
  • Thursday 3 May > CANCELLED 27.4.2018
  • Friday 4 May > CANCELLED 27.4.2018
  • Monday 7 May > CANCELLED 27.4.2018
  • Tuesday 8 May > CANCELLED 27.4.2018

The strike will begin each day at 00:00 and end at 24:00.
The employees who are on strike will not carry out any work that is subject to the collective agreement of the construction product industry.

Who does this strike concern?

This strike concerns seven construction product industry companies

  • Betonimestarit Oy
  • Betset Oy
  • Parma Oy
  • Rajaville Oy
  • Parmarail Oy Ab
  • Rudus Oy
  • Ruskon Betoni Oy

The strike also concerns the work of subsidiaries of the aforementioned companies (belonging to the Group), in which the collective agreements of the construction product industry are applied.

How will the strike progress?

If the speeding up measures for the collective agreement negotiations mentioned above do not deliver sufficient results, the Finnish Construction Trade Union will announce later new speeding up measures.

Additional information and striker lists

A message concerning the coming strike days and strike lists to be filled in in advance have been delivered to the trustees of the construction product industry.

Filled striker lists have been requested to be submitted to the Union as soon as possible
at address jarjesto@rakennusliitto.fi or Finnish Construction Trade Union, P.O. Box 307, 00531 HELSINKI.

Further information on strike related matters may be requested from the Union’s employment information service number +358 20 690 232.


Please update your member information and bank account information now if the strike concerns you

We recommend members who will be on strike to check and update their member and bank account information in our member service online: eAsiointi. Strike pay will be paid directly to the member’s bank account. The payment may be sped up by reporting the bank account number in advance in “Own information” field of eAsiointi. Allowance will be paid to those constructors whose membership has been valid and current by 1 April 2018.