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The Finnish Construction Trade Union

Finnish Construction Trade Union to enter into wage agreements


The Finnish Construction Trade Union is an interest group of wage-earners employed by the construction industries.
The Union includes employees in the construction, asphalt, waterproofing, painting, flooring, building system and civil engineering sectors and construction product industry.

The Union supervises the interests and rights of all of its members and signs the collective labour agreements.

In Finland, everyone working in the construction trade, including builders from other countries, must be paid a wage pursuant to the collective labour agreements in force. The Finnish Construction Trade Union signs these agreements with the employer association of the construction trade. You can find these wage agreements here.


The Finnish Construction Trade Union is one of the largest and most powerful trade unions in Finland. More than 85,000 members and a functional regional organisation provide the Union with a strong position in collective labour agreement negotiations.

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Members of the Finnish Construction Trade Union and the construction unemployment fund receive many benefits. Members have access to free legal assistance in disputes or daily allowances during unemployment if they live in Finland.