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Two-year collective agreements for the Finnish Construction Trade Union

New collective agreements have now been signed for all the contract fields of the Finnish Construction Trade Union. The pay increases for the two-year contract period are in line with general policy across the sector. The Union’s Board of Directors approved the agreements unanimously. A previously-declared strike of the waterproofing sector has been called off.

The collective agreements’ general increases and table-based pay increases are 4% + 2%. Instead of a one-off (1%) increase, the same cost impact on construction workers’ pay will be achieved by measures including bringing forward the implementation of the increases in relation to the reference contract.

The Union’s Board of Directors approved the agreements unanimously at its meeting on 9 March. Details of the changes to the collective agreements for the different contract fields will be made available on the union’s website in the coming weeks.

Pay increases

In 2023, workers in the industry will see their pay increased with a 4% general increase. Pay tables will also be increased by the same percentage. The pay increases will come into force on 1 May 2023 or from the start of the next salary payment period after that. Contract work currently underway and collective agreement specific contract prices will also be increased by 4%.

The collective agreements’ cash supplements and the separate allowance paid to employees’ representatives will also be increased by 4%.

In 2024, salaries will be increased from the salary payment period starting closest to 15 May 2024. The general increase will be 2% and the table-based pay increase 2%. The same increase will also apply to contract work currently underway, collective agreement specific contract prices, collective agreements’ cash supplements and separate allowances paid to employees’ representatives.