How to become a member of the Finnish Construction Trade Union


There are three ways to become a member

  1.  electronically *) via the attached link

  2. by completing, printing and returning
    Member application/membership fee collection agreement (the form includes completion instructions)
  3. by ordering a membership form to be posted to your home address

*) We recommend joining electronically.
This way, your membership card will arrive more quickly at the address you provide, and you can begin accessing your member benefits.

Payment of the membership fee

  • The membership fee is generally collected by the employer.
  • Alternatively, if your employer does not collect the membership fee from your salary, you can pay it yourself.

Membershipfeetable 2017

Member benefits

As a member of the Finnish Construction Trade Union, you will quickly receive help and advice regarding terms of employment or any problems or conflicts. Membership also provides other valuable benefits.